NOREVA nozzle check valves are used in applications where the reverse flow of a fluid has to be avoided.
These valves are suitable for all kind of liquid and gaseous fluids and fire safe by design.
Typical applications are for example: oilpipelines, steel mills, chemical plants, water works, pumping stations,water distribution plants, power plants, compressor stations, etc.
The high economic efficiency of our nozzle check valves is a result of very low pressure losses and the maintenance-free design.
Due to short strokes and low moving masses the valves can close slam-free within fractions of seconds. 


NRV-B 300 PN 100 (12" ANSI 600)
Natural Gas Storage


NRV-R 1000 PN 25 (40" ANSI 150)
Sea Water Pumping Station

NRV-Z 250 PN 100 (10" ANSI 600)    
Natural Gas Storage

NRV-Z 250 PN 10 (10" ANSI 125) and
NRV-G 400 PN 10 (16" ANSI 125)
Water Pumping Station