Thermoplastic Hoses

for Ultra High Pressure

The hose assemblies listed in this catalogue are all special constructions with the hose having up to eight spiral layers of steel wire. Due to this construction, pressures are achieved which far exceed German and international standards. These hose types are manufactured and tested according to the Polyflex standards which have proved to be effective over many years.

 Polyflex hose assemblies are used at considerable working pressures. The critical area of a hose assembly is the connection between flexible hose and rigid fitting (crimping area). Only the use of original Polyflex components (hose, fittings and tooling) and full compliance with the Polyflex assembly instructions can guarantee safety and conformity with standards. It is essential that training be given to customers in the hose assembly process in order to make high quality Polyflex maximum pressure hose assemblies.

For the production and testing of the hose assemblies relevant to the applications, the guidelines and technical regulations as well as the protection and hazard prevention rulings must be adhered to.
You as the manufacturer of Polyflex hose assemblies are obliged to mark these hose assemblies according to the regulations and to verify their safety by a final pressure test.
Non-compliance with these rules can lead to the premature failure of the hose assembly and the loss of warranty.