5.0 Assembly No special tools are required to assemble the clamp connector other than standard tooling found on a typical fabrication and assembly site. Torque wrenches can be used to achieve the required bolt torque. The nuts used on the bolting are standard heavy hex nuts and will fit standard sockets.   

Bolt tensioners cannot be used on Grayloc clamps as the tensioner footprint area is not flat, extended length studs and special washers can be provided to accommodate bolt tensioner equipment if required. Please refer to the Installation and Maintenance of the Grayloc Connector bulletin (GLOC-106) for additional assembly, disassembly and maintenance recommendations.
The Grayloc seal ring does not seat until the connection is fully tightened; therefore a small clearance or standoff should be observed when the seal ring is placed into a mating hub. If no standoff is present use a new seal ring.

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